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Top ways to utilise rainwater over the festive season

Rainwater harvesting tanks have many practical benefits for inside and outside the home. During the festive period, it is common to have more people in the house than usual, which would normally send your water bill through the roof…but not if you have a rainwater harvester! This blog will explain the benefits of using recycled rainwater from a rainwater harvesting tank, in particular over the Christmas period. 

Many people host family and friends during this time of year, which means additional strain on indoor water systems such as toilets. This would usually increase your water usage and therefore significantly increase your bill. However, rainwater harvesting systems collect and store rainwater as a natural resource, which means that this water is used as a priority over mains water. Rainwater is totally free, which will ease the strain on your wallet as well as the mains consumption. 

Not only does rainwater harvesting help to reduce your water bill, it also has a positive impact on the environment. This is because it promotes sustainability by lowering demand for mains water, and helping to reduce stormwater runoff which protects from flooding. It also helps to maintain local ecosystems. 

Rainwater has a number of applications that are applicable to the festive period. For example, rainwater could be used to water the Christmas tree, or any winter plants. If you have a rainwater harvesting system that produces potable water, then that could be used to boil the vegetables for your Christmas dinner! 

Many rainwater harvesting systems default to using the contents of the tank, to ensure efficient use. When the reserves in the tank have depleted, then mains water will engage automatically, meaning you’ll always have access to water. 

It’s crucial to get your rainwater harvesting system annually serviced to ensure it is functioning properly - especially when you need it over Christmas! When a rainwater system isn’t properly maintained, it runs the risk of breaking down, meaning you won’t get the most out of it, and could face costly repairs. At Cotterill Environmental, we offer full servicing of rainwater harvesting systems from leading brands such as Kingspan and Graf. We also offer annual service agreements and reminder updates to give you peace of mind that your rainwater system is being looked after. 

Give our team today on 0121 461 4861 to arrange your rainwater harvesting tank service! 

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