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Based in the West Midlands, we carry out the maintenance, service and repair of all types of sewage treatment systems. This includes sewage treatment plants, cesspools, septic tanks and pump stations.

Trading for over 25 years, we've built up specialist expertise in sewage systems and take real pride in delivering excellent customer service.

Regular service plans

To protect yourself against costly, unexpected breakdowns and ensure your system is operating legally, within the environmental standards, your sewage system should be regularly serviced. We would be delighted to recommend a service plan based upon what's best for your specific system.

Through our planned maintenance service, our team of experienced and qualified sewage treatment specialists will be able to identify any common faults. We will also help solve issues before they occur as well as ensure your system is working to its full potential. 

Sewage specialists

Our specialist engineers can also undertake breakdown call-outs and repairs. We carry an extensive stock of spare parts so we can fix your system quickly and efficiently.


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Benefits of our service package

Peace of Mind

Get peace of mind your system is maintained correctly and minimise the risk of unexpected breakdowns and nasty odours when you least want it!

Service report provided

We provide you with a service report after each visit to let you know how the plant is functioning and include detailed photos.

Prolong your system

A sewage system is a big cost outlay. Prolong the life of your system and ensure you get the best return from your investment 

Reminders so you don't forget

It's easy to forget so we will send you reminders when your service is due, providing you with even more peace of mind.

Meet your legal requirements

It's a legal requirement to ensure your system isn't polluting the environment and failure to comply. could result in fines

Fast repairs when needed

Most repairs are done during a service or breakdown call out as we keep a record of your system and carry spare parts for your system with us.

Why use us?


Top rated customer service

We’ve built up a reputation for being friendly, professional and 100% reliable. You can count on us for excellent service.


We know our stuff

 Our 30 year proven track record of installing wastewater solutions speaks for itself. We're specialists when it comes to the installation, maintenance and repair of sewage systems



Integrity and honesty are core to what we do. We're a family-owned business and are known for being trustworthy and hard working.

Contact us today for advice 

0121 461 4861 

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