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How to disguise a sewage treatment plant lid

Updated: Apr 24

One of the questions our customers frequently ask is how they can disguise their sewage system. While sewage treatment plants offer an excellent solution for wastewater management, the access lid can be an eyesore, and can detract from the aesthetic appeal of your garden. 

With a touch of creativity and some strategic landscaping, you can seamlessly integrate your sewage treatment system into your outdoor space. As the treatment plant requires access from time to time, including for any repairs or annual servicing, it’s important to mask it in a way which can be easily altered. Read on to discover how you can turn your wastewater tank lid into a work of art…

  1. Plant tall grass in front of your lid to hide its presence from view. 

Tall grass roots are often fibrous, and therefore won’t damage the tank below. This is an excellent solution to disguising an access lid, as it doesn’t require anything to be moved for the tank to be accessed. This is particularly helpful if any emergency repairs are needed. 

  1. Place a light statue or bird bath over the top of the lid

The lid provides a stable foundation for the statue or bird bath to sit on, as well as being easy to move when access is required. The statue will command enough attention to take people’s eyes off your access lid, as well as providing a creative solution to the problem. Bird baths also provide a functional solution. 

  1. Large potted plants blend into the garden well 

By using large pot plants to cover the tank lid, the overall aesthetic of the garden is maintained. This method also avoids the issue of large roots interfering with and potentially damaging the pipework and the tank itself which helps to prevent any costly repairs.

  1. Get creative with a paintbrush and tailor the lid to your garden space

To help blend the access lid into the garden, paint it the same colour as its surroundings to make it less visible. For example, if it's surrounded by grass, paint it green. Alternatively, make it into its own garden feature by creating a unique and colourful design using paint. 

Things to avoid

  1. Don’t plant any trees or bushes close to the treatment plant. This is because the roots can grow deep, and this may pose a risk to the pipework or even the tank itself. It is also not possible to control how big it may grow, and this could limit the access to the sewage treatment plant in the future. 

  1. Avoid planting grass over the lid, as this will make accessing the tank difficult. It also means that the grass planted would be damaged, and so wouldn’t be worth the investment. 

  1. Similarly, don’t plant any vegetables near the treatment plant as this would pose a risk of contamination. 

  2. Don’t place stones over the lid as this will make it difficult for entry when required.   

Ultimately, when it comes to hiding a sewage treatment plant lid, it’s important to be creative, yet safe. Anything above ground like a large potted plant, bird bath, statue or other decorative feature offers the ideal solution to reducing the eyesore of an access lid. Alternatively, take a paint brush to the lid and paint it the same colour as its surroundings, or give it a unique design to utilise it as a garden design feature. 

It’s important to allow for easy access to sewage treatment plants, for when essential maintenance is required. For example, we recommend having your sewage system serviced at least once a year to ensure it is working properly, and safe to continue using. 

To arrange your service, call our team today on 0121 461 4861 to speak to one of our experts. 

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