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Why is it important to install a beacon alarm for your pump station?

Keeping your pump station well maintained is essential for extending its lifespan and preventing unexpected breakdowns. A beacon alarm is a light fixture which is installed and connected to the pump station, and is designed to indicate any issues which may prevent it from working properly. 

This is an incredibly useful tool for managing the function of a pump station, without needing to persistently monitor the control panel which is often out of sight. 

  1. Peace of mind

Having an alarm to indicate potential problems will give the owners’ peace of mind that the risk of unwanted breakdowns and leaks will be minimised. This is because anything identified by the beacon can be quickly addressed and rectified. It is used to indicate Failure & Service Reminders and may be included in the Power and Pressure Failure Detection System (PPFDS).This means the owner of the pump station can be well informed as to the status of the tank, to avoid any severe problems in the future. 

  1. Additional safety measure 

The effluent within a pump station poses a serious risk to public health if it overflows into local watercourses, or onto the street. The beacon alarm can identify a potential risk prior to this happening, which means it acts as a key safety feature. It will prompt precautionary measures in order to protect the surrounding area, whilst also preventing costly repairs. 

  1. Allows plenty of time for survey 

By installing a beacon alarm for a pump station, the owner buys themselves time to rectify any potential hazards before they come to fruition. As they can be customised to a specific criteria, the owner can decide at what point they want to be notified of issues. This will allow our engineers to visit and survey the site to determine the best course of action to prevent any risks. It will minimise downtime and potential damage. 

  1. Visual aid - easy to manage 

A beacon alarm is a visual aid towards the status of the pump station, which means that it's easy to tell when there is something which needs immediate attention. Without a beacon alarm, the owner would need to consistently check the control panel, which is inconvenient and may get overlooked. Having a visual indicator makes managing the pump station much easier, and prompts a rapid response. A beacon alarm improves the effectiveness of a pump station, due to the speed at which potential risks can be identified. 

  1. Helps to retain compliance 

Lastly, a beacon alarm significantly reduces the risk of overflow of effluent, which would severely damage the environment. There are heavy penalties for this type of environmental pollution, as well as the health risks it poses to the public and local wildlife. Having a visual measure such as a beacon alarm ensures that the pump station remains compliant, and helps to avoid damages by indicating when sludge levels are high. 

At Cotterill Environmental, we supply and install beacon alarms to ensure your pump station is working effectively and safely. We have a wide range of beacon alarms to choose from, which are suitable for a number of different pump stations. 

We also recommend having your pump station annually serviced, to further increase the safety and effectiveness of the system. 

The issue with sewage pumping stations is that they're prone to a build-up of non-biological matter, such as fats, grease and oils. This build-up can prevent float-switches from operating correctly and enable foreign objects, such as towels and rags, to enter the pumps. 

These are the important factors that our engineers will assess and advise based on their findings. Our knowledgeable service engineers will check for potential faults before they possibly turn into severe damage. 

To enquire about our beacon alarms, please call 0121 461 4861 to speak to a member of our team. 

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