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What is involved in a CCTV drain survey?

Blockages and other issues with drainage systems can prove costly if not identified in a timely manner. Elements such as grease and fat can cause blockages, as well as cracks appearing and leaks emerging which can cause the system to not function effectively. A CCTV drain survey can help troubleshoot potential problems and discover the precise point where the issue is. Advanced technology is used to view the status of the drain, and the rods are designed to be flexible and follow the shape of the system.

Preparing the equipment and accessing the network

The first stage of a CCTV drain survey is the preparation of the equipment. Our team uses a variation of specialist equipment and cameras to get the most accurate information from the drain footage. Our cameras are attached to a flexible rod which can navigate the drainage network, and a control panel is used to view the live feed. This equipment is set up by the access point. The cameras are then placed under the manhole cover or through the inspection chamber to retrieve access to the network.

Assessing the system

This is when the drain survey can begin. The operator controls the rod and real-time footage is captured as it moves throughout the drainage system. The surveyor analyses the condition of the drain, and communicates any blockages, cracks or leaks within the system. The structural integrity of the drain is assessed, as well as any advisory measures to take.

Building a report

Once the drain survey is complete, the operator carefully assesses the footage and creates a report based on their findings. This will include the location of any identified problems, as well as quantitative data such as timestamps, measurements and detailed descriptions. The operator can produce an action plan as to the best way to find a resolution for any maintenance issues. This will allow the owner of the drainage system to arrange the required solutions.

Drain jetting service

In addition to the CCTV drain survey, at Cotterill Environmental we also offer a drain jetting service which cleans the pipes and helps to eradicate any blockages which may affect the flow rate. This method uses high-pressure water jets to blast through the build-up of debris, fats, grease and oil to maintain a functional drainage network. Water is sprayed at up to 5,000 psi through the pipes, breaking down obstructive materials and washing them away from the system. This is a highly efficient means to clear away most blockages. Maintaining drainage systems is the best way to keep them functioning properly to avoid costly repairs.

Our team at Cotterill Environmental are highly skilled individuals who have a number of years experience in the industry. For advice and guidance on your drainage system, call 0121 461 4861 to speak to one of our experts.

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