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Top 5 reasons to get your sewage treatment plant serviced

Updated: Apr 2

If you own a sewage treatment plant, it is absolutely essential to have it serviced at least once a year to optimise its performance. For sewage treatment plant owners, regular servicing isn’t simply a maintenance routine; it's a fundamental responsibility. Read on to find out why getting your sewage treatment plant serviced protects not just the environment, but your pocket too.

  1. Servicing ensures optimal product performance

Getting your sewage treatment plant regularly serviced ensures that it is performing to its maximum ability, meaning you get the most out of your product. It provides insight into the condition of the plant, and creates an opportunity to identify any concerns or repairs. An annual service gives you peace of mind that your sewage treatment plant is functioning property and is cleared to operate safely for the next year.

  1. Blockages and costly repairs are prevented

Our service engineers can identify potential blockages and issues within the sewage treatment plant, and depending on the issue they can look to address them on site at the point of service. If the tank needs a part replacing, or more complex repairs, we can quote for these and return to the property to fix it. Having the sewage treatment plant serviced regularly can help to address these issues before they develop into further complications, which in the long run saves costly repairs and keeps the system functioning for longer. If an unpleasant smell emerges from the tank, it could be an indication that it needs inspection from a professional.

  1. The product’s lifespan will be extended

If a sewage treatment plan is serviced regularly, it will be maintained to a much greater standard. The engineer can determine any faults that may need addressing, along with providing information about when the tank should be emptied. This care and monitoring of the product will extend its lifespan, and ensure that you get the most value out of it. This will also mean that your warranty is upheld.

  1. It will remain regulation compliant

It is illegal in the UK to discharge sewage into a watercourse, or without proper disposal. Keeping your sewage treatment plant serviced will help it to remain compliant, as any indicators of fault will be quickly determined and addressed. It is important to keep a log of the maintenance conducted on your sewage treatment plant, to provide evidence of due diligence.

  1. Regular servicing protects the environment

By having your sewage treatment plant regularly serviced and monitored, potential leakages and spills can be avoided through early detection of possible malfunctions. Polluting the environment with sewage can not only incur heavy fines, but also cause significant damage to local wildlife and habitats.

How often should I get my sewage treatment plant serviced?

We recommend getting your sewage treatment plant serviced at least once a year for a domestic property, and between every six months to a year for commercial properties.

What we offer

At Cotterill Environmental we offer full sewage treatment plant servicing for domestic and commercial properties. We also offer repairs, which can be quoted based on new parts and type of labour etc. Our experienced services engineers are highly skilled, and can identify any repairs required.

You can be assured that your sewage treatment plant is in good hands with Cotterill Environmental.

Call 0121 461 4861 to arrange your service, or to speak with one of our industry experts.

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