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Why is it important to get your booster set serviced?

It is essential to get your booster set serviced, to ensure it is safe and functioning properly. Just like a car, booster sets need to be serviced once a year to identify any potential adjustments or repairs, so that you can enjoy excellent water pressure and have a clean bill of health for the following year. Read on to find out more about booster sets, and how important it is to get them regularly serviced.

What is a Booster Set?

Booster sets are a type of apparatus used in water supply systems to increase water pressure in areas where the normal water pressure is insufficient. They are typically used in buildings, such as apartments, hotels, or office blocks, where higher floors in high-rise buildings have compromised water pressure or there are multiple occupants. Areas such as shopping malls, farm buildings and hotels may require booster sets to ensure the water pressure is consistent throughout the building. They can also be used for fire sprinkler systems to boost the water pressure to ensure the system can efficiently extinguish a fire.

How do Booster Sets work?

Our Booster Sets are fully equipped units including the main storage break tank and twin variable speed pumps. The start-up wizard makes installation quick and easy, and the duty of each pump is automatically transferred.

The integral variable e-speed motor controller controls the pressure automatically, and the four line digital display provides key information regarding the status of the booster set. Features such as output pressure, pump running speed frequency, motor currents in amps and time and fault alarm notifications are all displayed on this screen, providing essential information easily and clearly.

There is one transducer pressure sensor per pump, which allows for long term reliability and accuracy.

There is an electronic low water cut-out interface, which protects the product if the tank is running dry. There is also an outlet pipe burst alarm.

What are the advantages of installing a booster set?

Improved Water Pressure

The primary function of a booster set is to increase water pressure in areas where the natural water pressure is low or inconsistent. In these scenarios, a booster set will improve water flow rates, fill water storage tanks at a faster rate, and provide a better performance of water-dependent appliances.

Consistent Water Supply

Booster sets can help maintain a consistent water supply by ensuring that water pressure remains constant, even during busy periods. This minimises the risk of damage or accidents caused by water pressure fluctuations, which means that water tanks over time may require less maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

Booster sets are designed to operate efficiently, which reduces energy consumption. Some booster sets use variable speed drives, which adjust the speed of the pump motor based on demand, allowing the system to operate at optimal efficiency. This is excellent for the planet and also for reducing your energy bill!

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Booster sets are typically compact and easy to install, requiring minimal disruption to existing water supply systems. Regular maintenance and servicing can help ensure that the booster set operates at optimal performance levels and has a longer lifespan.

Why is it important to get your booster set serviced?

Regular servicing of a booster set can provide a number of benefits, including:

Extended Lifespan

Regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan of a booster set, reducing the need for replacements, which will incur additional costs. A well-maintained system is also less likely to experience breakdowns or failures, minimising the risk of disruption to water supply, which in a commercial building such as a hotel or apartment block is absolutely critical to avoid.


Booster sets are subject to safety regulations and standards, such as the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 in the UK. Regular servicing can help ensure that the system meets these legal requirements, which reduces the risk of non-compliance and potential fines.


A poorly maintained booster set can pose a safety risk, particularly if there are issues with electrical components or water leaks. Regular servicing can help identify and address safety concerns, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

It is recommended that each booster set is serviced once a year to ensure that it maintains optimum performance levels and avoids potential safety risks.

What are some of the signs that your Booster Set needs servicing?

The pump not starting may be a sign that your Booster Set needs to be assessed by a professional. Reasons for this may include a lack of power, water in the break tank, electrical tripping, sensor failure, issues with the control panel and also motor failure.

A loud running noise is another indicator that your product may need professional attention, as when the Booster Set is running normally, the volume should reflect that of a whisper.

Pump leakages could also be a sign of wear and tear and will require expert knowledge and diagnosis to allow the product to function properly again.

It is essential to avoid contamination within your Booster Set, which can occur due to lack of proper cleaning and maintenance.

The function of a Booster Set is to increase water pressure throughout a building where water pressure has previously been poor. If you notice a drop in water pressure, it may be a sign that your Booster Set needs to be serviced. A professional will be able to identify any issues and make sure that the product is working properly.

At Cotterill Environmental, we offer full booster set servicing, conducted by our industry experts. Having your booster set serviced will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your product whilst also ensuring it is safe to use. Booster sets usually require servicing at a minimum of once a year to optimise their performance.

Call 0121 461 4861 today to arrange your service.

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