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Installation of a pumping station at new dwelling

We’ve been installing sewage treatment solutions for almost 30 years and have built up a reputation for the quality of our service. Here’s an example of a pumping station where we installed direct sewage to the mains at a brand new property.

The property

A brand new house was built close to Grendon, a village in a rural part of Warwickshire. The land had not been used for a dwelling before and was not attached to the mains. The owner, therefore, needed a solution to enable him to pump sewage and wastewater to the closest mains.

The result

Roger Albrington, the owner of the property, commented: “We needed a pumping solution to direct sewage to the closest Severn Trent mains. The difficulty was the location of my property as it was situated 6m below the mains and then 200m across from it.

To make this job even more difficult my property was on an unadopted lane that had a further seven dwellings on so there was no visible plan of where gas, water and electricity points where.

I was recommended Cotterills for the job and they did not disappoint. As an ex-builder myself I was conscious I needed professionals with the right skills to do this sort of work. I wanted a solution that would last and not cause me any future headaches.

I was really impressed by Cotterills’ disciplined approach and the quality of their work. Even without visibility of a plan showing where all the buried services were, they managed to avoid damaging these with careful use of scanning equipment, excavation machinery, and hand digging. They did an excellent job for us.”

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