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How often should you service your sewage treatment plant?

Sewage treatment plants are designed to treat your wastewater. They cost a lot of money to install so you want to ensure you get the best return on investment. Also, as an owner of one of these systems, you have a legal duty of care to look after it, otherwise you could risk costly problems arising in the future. Here’s our guide to maintaining your system including how often they need to be serviced to keep it in good working order.

What is a sewage treatment plant?

Sewage can either be treated by using biological matter to break down the waste, or a physical treatment. If your property is not connected to the main sewer network, then you will need to install a sewage treatment system to process the wastewater into a form that can be safely discharged into a local watercourse or soakaway.

A sewage treatment plant operates by circulating air to encourage the growth of bacteria to break down sewage. The goal is to deliver much cleaner, more environmentally friendly effluent. They are typically the most cost-effective and reliable method of dealing with your wastewater.

Why should you maintain your sewage treatment plant?

Sewage treatment plant maintenance and servicing is essential in order to prolong the life of the system and prevent environmental pollution. It is common knowledge that many domestic sewage treatment plants do not get serviced until they stop working, or cause a pollution issue.

Failure to maintain your sewage system can result in it being ineffective and biological activity being affected, meaning untreated effluent will be discharged into the watercourse. Lack of maintenance can also lead to costly repairs. When looked after properly a sewage treatment plant can last over 20 years.

How often should you maintain your sewage treatment plant?

Wastewater treatment plants are designed with the user in mind and are kept user friendly to make sure the maintenance is kept to a minimum. However, it is recommended that your system is serviced by a professional engineer at least once a year. In general, you should also arrange to empty the treatment plant annually to avoid the build up of sludge. This will, however, depend on the manufacturers guidelines.

How can we help?

​​We supply and install sewage treatment plants. We also provide a regular maintenance service to ensure your system stays in tip top condition.

Through our planned maintenance service, our team of experienced and qualified sewage treatment specialists will be able to identify any common faults, such as an under-performing system or bacterial growth. We will also help solve issues before they occur as well as ensure your system is working to its full potential.

We service all makes of sewage treatment systems, including Klargester, Titan, KEE, WPL, Enso, Conder, Bio Pure, PureFlo, Biorock, Allerton, Acorn, Uni, Ensign, Entec, Moduline etc.

Our team of specialists can provide you with expert advice. Call us today on 0121 461 4861.

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