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How often should you service a sewage pump station?

A pumping station is an electromechanical unit used to lift and distribute sewage or wastewater when gravity will not naturally transfer it away from a location. They are essential if your property is located at a low level or far away from the main sewers.

Pumping stations are used for a wide variety of applications, including in housing developments, schools, hospitals, commercial sites and even residential homes.

Due to regular exposure to fats and oils which can build up overtime, your pump station will need regular maintenance and servicing to keep it working effectively and avoid any sudden breakdowns.

So, how often should your pump station be serviced?

In order to maintain your system in full working order, you will need a service every 6 months or annually. Regular care will not only improve efficiency but increase the lifespan of your pump station.

Sewage pump station servicing includes:

  • Cleaning and emptying the tank

  • Checking there are no blockages and if so removing them

  • Inspecting that there are no defects in the sewage pump system e.g broken pipes, pump seals

  • Testing water alarms, battery backup systems and telemetry systems

  • Testing and checking all operating control panels

  • Performing electrical insulation resistance tests for longevity

How can you maintain your pump station?

It is essential to be aware of what you put into your system to avoid any blockages which may cause the system to fail.

A sewage pumping station can fail for a number of reasons but the main one is the toilet becoming blocked. The systems are designed to handle foul water, human waste and biodegradable products only.

Items that can cause issues and should not be flushed down your toilet include:

  • Cleaning wet wipes

  • Sanitary towels

  • Tampons

  • Paper towels – these do not breakdown as easily as toilet paper

  • Cotton buds

  • Dental floss

How can we help?

​​We supply and install pump stations. We also provide a regular maintenance service to ensure your system stays in tip top condition.

Through our planned maintenance service, our team of experienced and qualified specialists will be able to identify any common faults and help solve issues before they occur as well as ensure your system is working to its full potential.

Our team of specialists can provide you with expert advice. Call us today on 0121 461 4861.

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