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Replacement of a sewage system that had gone wrong

We’ve been installing sewage systems for over 25 years and take great pride in our work. Unfortunately, whilst most contractors can be trusted to do a good job, this isn’t always the case. Every so often, we get called out to inspect sewage systems that are a potential health hazard or no longer work simply because they haven’t been installed correctly. Here’s one such example…

The challenge

The residents of Hama Drive had been complaining about issues with their sewage works and Cotterill Contractors were called out to investigate the problem. Situated in the town of Telford in the Midlands, Hama Drive is a quiet cul-de-sac serving nine properties within a modern residential housing estate.

Upon inspection, we discovered there were a number of significant issues with the setup of their sewage disposal system. For example, when we lifted the lid on their tank, we found debris floating within it. The sides of the tank had also collapsed because the original installers had failed to surround it with concrete. The tank itself was also undersized for the number of houses it served.

The problems didn’t stop there. When we opened the manhole, where the outfall of the pump was situated, we also found that the pumping main was a blue 50mm MDPE pipe. This was undersized for its application. It was also a clear health hazard should somebody mistake it for clean water in the future.

Additionally, the high-level beacon alarm had also been screwed onto the wall without any wires connecting it. This meant that there would be no way of alerting the residents should there be an issue with the system.

The solution

There were clearly a number of significant issues with the original set up of the system and our recommendation was that it needed completely replacing. We agreed to replace it with a new pump station, which included new internal pumps and pipework to deal with the waste from the nine properties that the pump station serves.

To ensure sufficient capacity, we decided upon the installation of a 9,050 litres tank with submersible grinder pumps. We also agreed to replace the control panel with a suitable unit, whilst also retaining the existing brick-built structure.

We needed to excavate to a depth of 4m for the new pump station and we set it on a concrete base, and then ballasted it with water whilst having a full concrete surround poured in. We then brought the ground up to level. The two new pumps were then installed via the integrated guide rails within the pump station.

During the works, we made sure disruption to residents was kept as minimal as possible. For example, we ensured they could still access their driveways via the use of road plates, and temporary backfill of the trenches. We also put in place a temporary method for disposing of the sewage so there was no disruption to their normal daily routine.

Charles Withington, a resident of Hama Drive, commented: “Cotterill Contractors did a fantastic job of installing a new sewage system. All of the residents commented on how the team were very thoughtful and considerate as well as so clean and tidy at all times. We would definitely recommend them.”

How can we help you?

We supply and install sewage treatment plants, septic tanks and cesspools. We also provide a regular maintenance service to ensure your system stays in tip-top condition.

Our team of specialists can provide you with expert advice. Call us today on 0121 224 8322.

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