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Based in the West Midlands, we carry out the maintenance, service and repair of Klargester sewage treatment plants. These include BioAir, Bioficient and Biotec models. With over 25 years experience in sewage solutions, including treatment plants, cesspools and septic tanks, our team of experts have specialist knowledge and take pride in delivering exceptional customer service.

Klargester sewage treatment plant service

We offer full servicing of Klargester sewage treatment plants, for both domestic and commercial properties. Our team of engineers have over 25 years of experience in the industry, and are highly knowledgeable at diagnostics of sewage solutions. Our team can identify any faults within the tank, and assess if your Klargester sewage treatment plant is compliant or not. 


As Kingspan & Klargester accredited installers of sewage treatment plants, we recognise it's a big investment and it's not something you want to replace in a hurry! When carefully maintained, a Klargester sewage treatment system can last over 20 years.


Our engineers can identify any warning signs and look to address them. This will maximise your tank’s potential and ensure it is functioning properly now, and in the future.

Sewage treatment plant repairs

As Klargester accredited installers of Klargester sewage treatment plants, we are able to carry out repairs to extend your tank’s lifespan and ensure it is functioning safely, and in accordance to regulations.


We stock a wide range of parts, so that we can offer quick and hassle-free repairs of your Klargester sewage treatment plant. Our team of service engineers have over 25 years experience in the industry, so you can be rest assured your Klargester sewage treatment plant is in safe hands. 


Make sure to regularly check the control panel for your tank, as there may be a fault present if it shows a red light and makes a noise. This is a good indication that you need a service engineer to assess the possible malfunction within the tank. 

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Benefits of our service package

Peace of Mind

Get peace of mind that your system is maintained correctly and minimise the risk of unexpected breakdowns and nasty odours when you least want it!

Service report provided

We provide you with a service report after each visit to let you know how the plant is functioning and include detailed photos.

Prolong your system

A sewage system is a big cost outlay. Prolong the life of your system and ensure you get the best return from your investment 

Reminders so you don't forget

It's easy to forget so we will send you reminders when your service is due, providing you with even more peace of mind.

Meet your legal requirements

It's a legal requirement to ensure your system isn't polluting the environment and failure to comply. could result in fines

Fast repairs when needed

Most repairs are done during a service or breakdown call out as we keep a record of your system and carry spare parts for your system with us.

Why use us?


Top rated customer service

We’ve built up a reputation for being friendly, professional and 100% reliable. You can count on us for excellent service.


We know our stuff

 Our 30 year proven track record of installing wastewater solutions speaks for itself. We're specialists when it comes to the installation, maintenance and repair of sewage systems



Integrity and honesty are core to what we do. We're a family-owned business and are known for being trustworthy and hard working.

            Contact us today for advice 

            0121 461 4861 

Useful information about Klargester sewage treatment plants


Here are some frequently asked questions about the maintenance of Klargester sewage treatment systems:

Can you service my Klargester sewage treatment plant?


At Cotterill Environmental, we are accredited suppliers of maintenance and repairs of Klargester sewage treatment systems. 


We provide services and maintenance for a range of sewage treatment plants by Klargester and Kingspan. These include BioAir, Biotec and Bioficient models. The BioAir model is a popular choice for wastewater management, and has many benefits. These include having minmal visual impact as well as being suitable for shallow dig applications. 


There is a significantly lower amount of sludge in a Klargester sewage treatment plant in comparison to other sewage treatment systems, meaning the tank will need to be emptied less frequently. No concrete surround is required, only a gravel base and backfill, which makes the installation process easier.

The BioAir range offers a 97.5% improved effluent quality. This system incorporates aerated technology to achieve a high standard of water discharge quality and can be installed in a variety of domestic settings including homes, small offices, farms and barn conversions.  


Klargester sewage treatment plants provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to off mains wastewater treatment. 


Why choose Klargester?


Klargester has been providing waste water solutions since 1965, and they are in over 80 countries worldwide. They focus on creating products which are sustainable and have an innovative design. They supply a wide range of products, from sewage treatment plants for domestic and commercial applications, to septic tanks, pumping stations and rainwater harvesting tanks. Klargester are part of the Kingspan Group, which sell a variety of waste water products and beyond. 

Why is it important to service your Klargester sewage treatment plant?


It is very important to get your Klargester sewage treatment plant regularly serviced for a number of reasons. 

1 - Regular servicing means that your product’s performance is being optimised. This means that any faults can be quickly and easily identified, and arrangements can be made with our engineers to fix them. Having your Klargester sewage treatment plant regularly serviced gives you peace of mind that it is safe to use without the fear of becoming a hazard. 

2 - Costly repairs can be avoided with regular servicing. Any issues can be quickly addressed, which will save you time and money in the future.


3 - The product’s lifespan will be extended if it is properly maintained. The Klargester BioAir sewage treatment plants come with a 3 year warranty. Regular servicing will make your system last as long as possible. 

How often should you service your sewage treatment plant?

We recommend getting your sewage treatment plant serviced once a year for a domestic property, and between every six months to a year for commercial properties. Once on our system, our customers can opt into annual reminders for any maintenance services required. This gives peace of mind that your Klargester sewage treatment plant will be well looked after. 

What areas do we cover?

We cover the whole of the midlands and can also work further afield depending on the drainage project. Areas in the midlands that we cover include: 

Birmingham (West Midlands), Coventry (West Midlands), Hereford (Herefordshire), Lichfield (Staffordshire), Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire), Wolverhampton (West Midlands), Worcester (Worcestershire), Shrewsbury (Shropshire), Warwick (Warwickshire), Derby (Derbyshire), Leicester(Leicestershire), Oakham (Rutland), Lincoln (Lincolnshire), Nottingham (Nottinghamshire), Buxton(Derbyshire), Glossop (Derbyshire), Cleethorpes (Lincolnshire), Northampton (Northamptonshire), Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Lapworth, Knowle etc.  

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