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Pump to direct sewage to the mains

We’ve been installing sewage treatment solutions for almost 30 years and have built up a reputation for the quality of our service. Here’s an example of a pump we installed at a leading salad grower to direct their sewage to the mains.

About the business

Established in 1991, PDM is a private family-owned company based in Shropshire and had grown to become one of the UK’s leading salad growers and packers.

The challenge

As a result of the growth of its business, it needed a future proof sewage disposal system to deal with waste from its 500 staff.

Dermot Tobin, PDM Produce Ltd, commented: “Following a recommendation, I asked Cotterills to help us with this project. After first exploring a large sewage treatment option, which was declined by the Environment Agency due to already high Phosphate levels in the Aqualate Mere, Cotterills approached Severn Trent Water for us. They managed to successfully obtain permission for us to enter the public sewer.”

The result

“The nearest connection point was almost a kilometer away and considerably higher than the onsite sewer outfall. The problem with this was that the restrictive flow conditions attached to the permission meant we could only discharge at a certain rate. This rate was below our peak site flow so again Cotterill Civils specified a large balance tank solution to overcome this for us. We now balance and pump sewage at a constant rate into the main sewer network and have been very pleased with our total experience with Cotterill Civils from start to finish.”

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